• Hoop sunrise yellow genuine stone agate.
  • My girl highland cow dangle gold plated.

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Natural Luxury Soap Bar.

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  • This is the most amazing bar of soap I can not even explain how wonderful the smell is . Fo scent is Vanilla cotton.
  • Rich in Shea & coco butters leaves your skin feeling like silk. Shea butter is known to build skin moisture. It's anti-inflammatory properties helps smooth the skin
  • Antioxidants may even help with anti aging. It can also aid in breakouts.

We also added a large splash of raw local wild flower honey 🍯 a natural humectant for your skin. Also has antibacterial & antifungal properties.




  • Milk is super benificial for your skin it's packed with minerals for the skin. It helps your skin become smoother, helps with redness and itchy skin.  It's definitely a moisture booster
  • Milk also brightens your skin tone & helps with anti aging.
  • Oatmeal sooths the skin, light exfoliation for the skin so it can deep clean your pores, it also aids in redness and sooths itchy skin from dry skin and other skin types. 
  • Oats is excellent for sensitive skin.

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